Walther P22 Holsters

The Walther P22 is a user-friendly adaptation of the larger P99. The same look. The same feel. Only three quarters of the size of its big brother. But this little guy loads rimfire .22 LR rounds in double action for the first round, and single action for remaining rounds until the magazine is empty. Unleashing the first round is easy with only about 12 pounds of pressure required to activate the double action and emptying the magazine is even easier with single action requiring just under 5 pounds of pressure.

The double/single action is due to its external hammer, a change from the P99. Decocking the Walther P22 after activating single action mode can be done by turning on the ambidextrous, slide-mounted safety with your thumb, preventing the hammer from firing the round when the trigger is pulled to release the hammer.

Of course, firing the Walther P22 to begin with is impossible without a magazine locked firmly in place. This is because of the P22’s magazine disconnect safety feature. Without a magazine firmly in, the trigger bar passes beneath the P22’s lockwork due to pressure from the disconnect spring. The force of the disconnect spring also functions in the rapid ejection of a cleared magazine when released. Magazine ejection is triggered by an ambidextrous lever located behind and below the trigger of the Walther P22.

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