Uncle Mike’s Duty Holsters

The emphasis on weapon retention in duty holsters is greater today than ever before, but this vital need to protect the gun must be balanced with the ability to draw the officer's weapon efficiently.

Uncle Mike's PRO-3 duty holsters positively lock the gun to make snatching extremely difficult from the front, rear, top or side. Yet, with a swift, simple motion, the officer can release the thumb break and draw the gun cleanly without the need to release any complicated system of snaps and straps.

Uncle Mike's Dual Retention Duty Holsters are designed to fit a wide variety of law enforcement pistols and revolvers and a broad range of law enforcement and security situations.

Retention is provided by the non-stretch retention strap, plus an independent adjustable tensioning device that applies varying amounts of pressure to the surface of the gun. Available in high ride and jacket slot configurations, the Uncle Mike's Dual Retention Duty Holster can be adjusted for vertical, butt forward or muzzle forward cant.

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