Springfield XD-45 Holsters

The Springfield XD 45 is short recoil-operated, and striker fired (meaning the weapon has no external hammer). Most XDs have dual captive recoil springs; however, the XDM and Tactical 5 in models have non-captive springs. They use a polymer frame with steel inserts, mounting rail and trigger-mounted safety. An indicator protrudes from the rear of the slide when the striker is cocked and the staggered-column magazines are polished stainless steel with a polymer basepad. A loaded chamber indicator pivots up on top of the slide when a round is in the chamber being both visual and tactile. An ambidextrous magazine release is also standard. Takedown of the pistol is through a lever on the left side of the frame that rotates up, allowing the slide to move forward off the frame. This is exactly the same mechanism of take down as seen in pistols manufactured by Sig Sauer.

Where the Springfield XD 45 is unusual is in the presence of a grip safety that will not allow the pistol to fire without depressing a lever on the rear of the grip. This feature is present on some older pistols such as the M1911, however few modern pistols include a grip safety. The grip safety and CZ-75-style deeply inset backstrap are salient features of the XD. Other features include a function of the recoil spring guide rod that acts as a standoff device. The end of the rod protrudes from under the barrel and keeps the slide in battery when pressed against an object such as somebody's chest in contact-distance self-defense situations. This prevents the slide from being moved back because the device pushes the surface area of objects away from the slide, thus increasing the chance that the gun will function normally.

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