Smith & Wesson 645 Holsters

The Smith & Wesson 645 Series is a model of handgun introduced in 1985. Smith & Wesson (S&W) began experiments with .45 ACP-firing pistols in 1984, and produced their first one, the Model 645, in 1985. Public demand led to the development of this series. The series is basically a .45 ACP version of their 9mm Parabellum weapons. They are normally double-action weapons. They generally have a coned muzzle instead of a separate barrel bushing. Like many Smith & Wesson models, each variant was generally in production for only a few years.

The Model 645 was introduced in 1985, and produced until 1988. It has a stainless steel frame and slide, an ambidextrous safety/decocker, a squared trigger guard, and black plastic grip plates. The Model 745, built from 1986-1990, was a single-action target version of the Model 645, with a match barrel, Novak sight (an adjustable rear sight was optional), an adjustable trigger stop, and walnut grip plates. It does not have ambidextrous controls, but does have a half-cock safety.

When Smith & Wesson changed its numbering system, one of the first in this series was the 4505; this is essentially the 645 with only the safety catch ambidextrous and a blued finish. A Novak Lo-Mount rear sight was installed on a small number of 4505s. It was produced only in 1991. The 4506, has stainless steel finish, a Novak Lo-Mount rear sight, and a Xenoy wrap-around grip. After 1998, the 4506 had a squared trigger guard. It was produced from 1988-2001. The 4505 and 4506 are a bit heavier than the 645, and both are identical for game purposes.

The S&W 645 was purportedly used in Miami Vice by the character Vice Detective Sonny Crockett in seasons 3 and 4 of the TV series.

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