Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters consist of two straps connected in a manner similar to a backpack, with the actual holster mounted to a strap on the right or the left side. Shoulder holsters are designed to position the handgun: 1. in a vertical position, with the barrel pointed generally toward the ground; 2. in a vertical position, with the barrel pointed generally upward; 3. in a horizontal position, with the barrel pointed generally behind the wearer.

Shoulder holsters originated sometime prior to the Civil War, but really didn't receive any serious attention until the advent of relatively small, easily concealable cartridge handguns. As cities grew and the practice of carrying a gun in full view became less acceptable, shoulder holster designs proliferated. In these early stages of design, however, most of them involved some compromise, sacrificing comfort, security or accessibility.

Glorified in movies and literature, the shoulder holster is still a useful special purpose concealment holster. There are some people for whom the shoulder holster makes the most sense for routine carry. There are many more for whom, in certain times and places and under certain conditions, the shoulder holster is a special purpose item. The shoulder holster offers a number of specialized advantages including not having to wear a belt, firearm can be drawn in a quick and inconspicuous manner and it takes the weapons weight off of your hip. The shoulder holster is also practical if your assignment requires you to be in a seated position. This is why so many police, military pilots and chauffeur-bodyguards use the shoulder holster.

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