Ruger P345 Holsters

From law enforcement to plinking, from competition to concealed carry, Ruger .45 Auto pistols are available in a configuration to meet the needs of every shooter. Durable, lightweight polymer or rugged aluminum frames are mated with blued alloy or stainless steel slides to deliver quality and value in American-made handguns.

Ruger .45 Auto P-Series pistols are available in either manual safety or decock-only models. Manual safety models incorporate a manual ambidextrous lever that, when engaged, prevents firing unless the lever is returned to the "fire" position. Decock-only models allow safe decocking to their "at-rest" mode when the ambidextrous decocking lever is depressed. The decocking lever springs back to the "fire" position when released and the pistol can then be fired simply by a double-action pull of the trigger.

Ruger P345 pistols feature a slim profile polymer frame with an eight-round, single-column magazine. Fixed white-dot front and rear sights make target acquisition quick and an all-new Ruger Camblock design reduces felt recoil. The smooth, short trigger pull of the Ruger P345 helps improve accuracy, while the ergonomically shaped, contoured and checkered frame provides a comfortable grip that accommodates a variety of hand sizes. The slimmer frame and slide of the P345 reduce overall weight, and the well-defined grip checkering improves handling and control. The Picatinny-style rail allows users to easily mount their choice of lights or aiming devices.

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