Outside Waistband (OWB) Gun Holsters

These holsters are worn on the outside on a belt. These holsters are very comfortable because you can carry them anywhere on your waist and you don’t feel your gun there like you do with other types of holsters. OWB holsters are also very convenient for quick drawing and accessibility. On the other hand, OWB holsters are very difficult to conceal. These holsters are normally used for open carry purposes, but can be concealed if you are wearing a heavy coat or very baggy clothes. Otherwise, printing is almost inevitable. Printing means that the shape of the gun can be seen through the clothing which defeats the purpose of concealment. Another drawback to OWB holsters is that they normally require a thumb break to protect the gun and keep it in the holster. This can be inconvenient because you have to undo the thumb break in order to get the gun out.

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