Milt Sparks Versa Max Holsters

Not often does a holster designed to serve more than one purpose achieve equal performance in all its intended functions. The Versa Max is the exception. The Versa Max is a strong side only, dual purpose, inside-the-waistband holster.

The belt loops on the Versa Max are interchangeable and are of the non-pivoting type due to the two point fastening system. With the snap loops installed, you have a flat, stable conventional IWB holster that will conceal most any handgun, even under the lightest of cover garments. The wide spacing of the loops located off the main body of the holster add stability and ensure that the butt of the gun will not shift even during the most rigorous activity. The spaced loops also result in a flatter holster profile by virtue of the loops not being stacked on top of the gun. This is most important when using the Versa Max in the shirt-tucked-in-over-the-top mode. By changing from the snap loops to the Optional Kydex clips you now have an IWB holster that will allow you to tuck your shirt in over the top of your pistol.

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