Milt Sparks Gun Holsters

Milt Sparks Holsters is dedicated to producing practical holster designs for everyday use. Their products are handcrafted to please even the most discriminating individual for whom pride of ownership dictates that he or she has only the best. Because the bulk of their business is concealed-carry oriented, they feel it's imperative that they be able to discuss the merits of their holsters from experience. Being both shooting enthusiasts and licensed to carry in the state of Idaho, the Milt Sparks crew are able to run continuous evaluation of their products through training, competition and everyday use. Each new holster design is extensively wear-tested by the Milt Sparks staff in the manner it will be used before it is offered to the consumer. They will not produce a design that they feel may endanger the safety of their customers, or compromise the intended purpose of carry just to make a sale.

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