Kimber Ultra Gun Holsters

A carry pistol that stays home because it is too big and heavy to actually carry is no good, and an underpowered pistol that does get carried is not much better. A Kimber Ultra Carry is the pistol you need if you are serious about concealed carry and self defense.

Kimber is the world leader in 1911 quality, and nowhere is this quality more evident or important than in a carry pistol. Kimber Ultra Carry pistols weigh just 25 ounces. Their short 3-inch barrels, compact grips and flat 1911 profiles make them easy to carry and conceal. At the same time, their 7-round magazines pack more power than just about any caliber of revolver.

Dependability is everything in a carry pistol. Each Kimber Ultra Carry has a lowered and flared ejection port with an extra bevel at the front to clear ejecting brass. The match grade bushingless bull barrel is fitted directly to the slide, and a double-wound recoil spring system makes proper operation possible even for a novice. With separate thumb and grip safeties the 1911 design is known for its integrity, and the Kimber Series II™ Firing Pin Safety makes the Ultra Carry even more secure without impeding performance or altering trigger pull. Additionally, the Loaded Chamber Indicator Port™ permits a quick visual check of the chamber.

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