Kimber Ultra Carry Holsters

Kimber Ultra Carry II pistols weigh just 25 ounces, 13 ounces less than a full-size 1911. Combining light weight with a 3-inch barrel and short grip makes them easy to carry and conceal. Attention to every detail is another reason Kimber quality is unsurpassed. Machined bevels at both the front and rear of the Ultra Carry ejection port ensure ejecting brass reliably clears, avoiding jams common to other brands.

All Kimber pistols feature a match grade barrel, chamber and trigger. Ultra Carry bull barrels are fitted directly to the slide, keeping maximum weight forward to reduce recoil and speed sight recovery time between shots. To ensure dependability, Ultra Carry light weight aluminum frames are machined on the same computer-driven machines and to the same unequaled tolerances as Kimber steel frames. Each model has standard Kimber features like rounded and blended edges, beveled magazine well, extended thumb safety and bumped beavertail grip safety. Magazine capacity is 7 rounds in .45 ACP. They fit almost any size hand and point naturally. Best of all, the crisp, clean single action trigger eliminates long travel, heavy pull and the guessing that goes with it. For concealed carry, nothing beats a 1911 – and no 1911 beats a Kimber.

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