Kimber Pro Gun Holsters

The 1911 is the finest defense pistol ever brought to market. Beyond its legendary power and dependability, a 1911 is safe, fast into action and flat enough to tuck under a belt or ride well in a holster. Models with shorter barrels and shorter, lighter frames are some of the most popular concealed carry pistols available today.

Kimber Pro Carry pistols feature a 4-inch match grade bull barrel that fits directly to the slide without a bushing. One inch shorter than a full-size 1911, they are every bit as dependable but easier to conceal. Pro Carry pistols are available with steel, stainless steel or lightweight aluminum frames that reduce overall weight by seven ounces. Kimber aluminum frames are machined from solid blocks of 7075-T7 aluminum to the same critical dimensions as the steel frames. They have been tested to over 20,000 rounds without evidence of meaningful wear.

The Compact Stainless II .45 ACP goes a step further. Both the barrel and frame are shorter than a full-size 1911. With a stainless steel slide and frame, this pistol is rugged and easier to control during rapid fire.

Pro Carry pistols are available with a wide variety of features like night sights, Crimson Trace® Lasergrips®, Kimber Tactical Rail™ and frontstrap checkering. Most are chambered in .45 ACP, Select models are also available in 9mm and 38 Super.

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