Kimber Eclipse Holsters

Eclipse pistols have such a striking appearance that it is easy for features and performance to take a back seat. All business right down to the core, Eclipse frames and slides are machined from solid stainless steel. Frontstraps have 30 lines-per-inch checkering for a positive grip. A match grade Premium Aluminum Trigger from the Custom Shop is tuned to release at 4-5 pounds. Breech faces are polished to ensure flawless feeding. Barrels and chambers are carefully machined to match grade dimensions.

The Eclipse finish brings out the classic lines of a 1911 better than any other process. The slide and frame are finished in a tough matte black oxide then all flat surfaces are brush polished, leaving recessed and curved surfaces dark and contrasting. Laminated gray/black wood grips checkered in the traditional double diamond pattern and matte black small parts round out the package.

The Eclipse Target II™ and the Eclipse Custom II™ are traditional full-size pistols with front and rear slide serrations. The Custom is available in both .45 ACP and 10mm, one of the most powerful cartridges ever chambered in a semi-automatic pistol.

The Eclipse Pro II™ and Eclipse Pro Target II™ have 4-inch match grade bushingless bull barrels fitted directly to the slide. The Eclipse Pro Target II is the only 4-inch Kimber 1911 with adjustable night sights. Even more specialized is the Eclipse Ultra II™, one of two 3-inch, short-grip Kimber pistols that does not have an aluminum frame. Like other Eclipse pistols, this little .45 ACP has a stainless steel frame, and its added weight reduces muzzle lift and makes it easier to recover a sight picture during rapid fire.

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