Kimber Custom Gun Holsters

Many consider a 1911 the best pistol design for carry and defense. After all, a 1911 points naturally, trigger pull is unmatched and reliability has been proven over nearly 100 years of service. The single objection, at least by some, is the recoil of the .45 ACP. For shooters who prefer the mild recoil of the 9mm but still demand the unequaled dependability, smooth trigger pull and accuracy of a 1911, Kimber has created the Custom family.

Many Kimber Custom Pistols pistols are made in the Kimber Custom Shop. Frames are machined from solid bricks of 7075-T7 aluminum on the same machines and to the same precision tolerances as Kimber steel frames. Custom frames are light, making these pistols an absolute pleasure to carry. On many Custom pistols, both slide and frame are finished in KimPro II™, a premium finish that is self-lubricating plus extremely resistant to the elements and moisture.

Kimber Custom pistols feature a ramped match grade barrel, bobbed hammer, solid match grade trigger, bumped grip safety with memory grooves and wide cocking serrations. Custom Shop additions like flat top slide, Tactical Wedge™ 3-dot (green) night sights and thin rosewood grips with ball-milled flutes boost performance while giving each pistol a dynamic appearance. A frontstrap with 30 lines-per inch checkering and high relief cut under trigger guard ensure a proper and positive grip even with wet hands or gloves.

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