Kel Tec Gun Holsters

Kel-tec pistols are some of the most sought after handguns for people looking for the sleekest and lightest designed handguns on the market. With the wide range of firearms to choose from, there is one for almost any shooter. Kel-tec pistols are available in a wide range of calibers and sizes. If you are looking for a compact or full sized pistols have you covered. Choose from the tiny 3AT 380 ACP pistol or the durable P11 series of 9mm’s. Kel-tec firearms are priced to fit in to any budget, and all Kel-tec firearms are made of high quality polymers, this will ensure the reliability that Kel-tec pistol owners have come to depend on.

Kel-tec handguns are relatively new to the firearms market; starting in 1995 Kel-tec Arms began production. Over the past decade Kel-tec pistol have thrived in the firearm industry and soon was raised to one of the top ten firearms producers in the USA.

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