Kahr CW9 Holsters

The working theory behind Kahr Arms' new CW9 carry pistol – by every measure that counts – is reliability, accuracy and user friendliness. It shares these attributes with the twin of the company flagship, the polymer-and-stainless P9. Plus it goes for $143 less. Now that's entertainment!
"Our goal was to break the $500 barrier, and we did," explains Kahr marketing chief Frank Harris. "We wanted to bring in new customers, so we decided to offer a product that competes with Taurus, Ruger and other lower-cost guns."
With the expectation, of course, they'd like it so much they'd reach for Kahr's more expensive offerings when their bank accounts grew. It's the old General Motors strategy: sell relatively-cheap Chevrolets to entry-level customers, knowing they'd eventually climb the GM ladder to Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick and, finally, king Cadillac.
The CW9 – Kahr-speak for concealed Weapon 9mm – sells for $533. (Realistic street price is even better: under $500 new, $350 to $450 used.) Compare that to the P9's $676 – not to mention $814 for a Tactical 9 with Novak night sights or $828 for an NYPD-approved K9 and you'll see why Harris is excited about twirling his less-money lasso. "He's heard of Kahr and really wants one, but can't quite afford it right now," Harris says of that potential new customer. "The CW9 brings him in immediately."

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