Holster Shirts

The concealment shirt holster is an innovative and unique solution to deep concealment needs. It is generally made with a moisture wicking, fabric that pulls the sweat away from the skin and moves it to the surface to evaporate. Many even claim to experience a cooling sensation while wearing shirts made with this type of material. It features a custom designed holster, which will accommodate most small to large handguns, with a choice of right or left hand models. Many models includes a dual mag carrier with an additional slot for a knife or flashlight (which can easily be made into a single mag/cuff case, if desired). These shirts fits like a second skin, yet does not restrict movement. It positions the weapon under the arm for maximum concealment and added retention. Ideally, worn under button down or pullover shirts and blouses it will conceal for both men and women while allowing immediate and swift access to a weapon.

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