Galco Yaqui Holsters

The original design Yaqui Slide combines Galco's traditional compact holster with two independent tension screw adjustments which allow for a custom fit on the firearm. The 13/4" belt channel has a circular cut-out for placement on the pant loop to prevent shifting of the holster. The Galco Yaqui Slide is made in right and left-handed designs and is available in tan, black or havana brown finish.

Once again, with the new Yaqui Paddle holster, Galco spearheads evolutionary progress in the holster industry. Galco was the first to adapt the Yaqui holster with tension screws in 1992, an improvement in holster fit soon adopted by every holster maker large and small. The adaptation of the Yaqui paddle holster is another evolutionary leap that others will follow for years to come.

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