DeSantis Gun Holsters

DeSantis has been contracted as the supplier of quality holsters and accessories to Smith & Wesson®. DeSantis is also much honored to have been commissioned by Wayne Enterprises to produce an exclusive, limited-quantity John Wayne commemorative holster and gun belt set. Made from the highest quality leather and created with precision craftsmanship, it is a faithful reproduction of the rig used by Duke for many of his western movies.

DeSantis is very enthusiastic about all of their new products such as their DS Paddle™ holster and new additions to their hunting line, the Fieldmaster™ and the DA Hybrid™. Their original holster models have become the most copied and imitated holsters in the industry. DeSantis continues to create new standards for others to follow. Gene DeSantis' original design incorporating a lock-hole into a traditional pancake style holster is now required by almost all federal law enforcement agencies. DeSantis' record of innovation in gun holsters, and their commitment to quality are among the reasons they enjoy repeat business.

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