Concealment Gun Holsters

There are three and one-half objectives of any concealment holster: security, access, concealment, and the half-consideration: one-hand re-holstering ability.

Security — the holster should hold the gun in place while you are running, while you're upside down, while you get in and out of cars, and so on. You don't spend your life sitting still, and in a fight you sure as heck aren't standing still.

Access — the holster should provide access to the gun in a short amount of time in compromised positions, like when you are rolling around on the ground or strapped in a car seat. Further the gun should be held in a stable position, so that the draw can be consistent and reliable under stress.

Concealment — the holster should not let the gun be visible or "print" through concealing garments.

One-hand re-holstering capability is useful if your hands will be tied up with other things immediately after firing or challenging a "bad guy" with your gun.

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