Colt Mustang Holsters

The Colt Mustang was manufactured from 1986-1997 (10-12 years). The nickel finish was discontinued in 1994 (only 9 years).

The .380 Colt Mustang is ideal for concealment due to it's size and design. Many states that issue pistol permits today, require that the handgun be concealed. Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) by necessity are generally smaller in size and lighter in weight.

At 18.5 ounces, this gun is heavier than some of it's competition in the same .380 caliber. The balance and handling advantage during firing outweighs the slight disadvantage of heft and weight while carrying.

As gun designs get smaller and lighter, generally the caliber gets smaller. Many gun enthusiasts consider the .380 caliber too small for self defense, while many consider the .380 to be the minimum caliber. There has been a lot of testing and changes in bullet design down through the years. There's a pretty big variety of .380 ammunition to choose from.

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