Blade-Tech Gun Holsters

Blade-Tech Industries is the leading manufacturer of custom, production thermoplastic, injection molded tactical holsters and magazine pouches.  Blade-Tech injection molded and Kydex® holsters are the culmination of rigorous field testing by Law Enforcement, Military Personnel and also at Gunsite Academy, one of the world's premier firearms institutions. Blade-Tech holsters are in daily use by members of law enforcement departments, Special Ops, civilians, competition shooters and military agencies worldwide.

Blade-Tech holsters and pouches are very light and comfortable, yet tough and waterproof. Blade-Tech custom molds their pouches and holsters to specific models of weapons, giving them excellent retention qualities, yet providing an extremely fast presentation. Blade-Tech Kydex® and injection molded holsters and pouches are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions.

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