Bianchi Ankle Holsters

The Bianchi Ranger Triad ankle holster, as its name implies, features three unique features that help overcome some of the challenges of ankle carry. First, the back of the holster has an Achilles arch that helps keep the holster in position on the ankle. Next, the detachable ankle pad can be positioned for maximum comfort no matter what size ankle you have. And lastly, yet perhaps most importantly, is the compression strap designed to pull the butt of the gun in tight against the calf for a low profile and to keep the weapon securely against the leg during vigorous activity.

It's back to basics with the new full grain Negotiator leather ankle holster. The Bianchi Negotiator ankle holster features genuine sheepskin lining on the neoprene leg wrap for comfort and breathability, and a double wrap hook and loop closure for security. It also has a two-inch elastic calf strap with detachable hook and loop attachment strap.

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